Natural Capital Approach in Surrey

Over the last 5 years, since the Partnership came into being in 2012, we have taken a targeted approach to gathering evidence to support the development of a Natural Capital Approach in Surrey 2016

We aim to implement a framework which will deliver healthy natural capital within the context of a healthy economy and healthy people.  This work is being pioneered in partnership, with the fundamental imperative of healthy natural capital underpinning all we do.  It advocates a multi-capital approach to deliver multiple benefits, implemented through collaboration and innovation.  Surrey Nature Partnership briefing note on a Natural Capital Approach for Surrey Sept 2017  provides a more detailed description.

In November 2015 we published naturally richer – A Natural Capital Investment Strategy for Surrey which set out the strategic direction for implementing investment in Surreys’ natural capital assets.  We are now working on a Natural Capital Investment Plan which will set out the implementation plan for investing in our natural capital assets.  We currently have produced a high level summary stating the key areas of development for our Natural Capital Investment Plan which can be read here Surrey Nature Partnership summary of NCIP Apr 2017.

Throughout the development of this approach we have developed key pieces of evidence and published key documents to support our work.  These include the following:

Surrey Nature Partnership Valuing Surrey Summary June 2015

This project focussed on developing an understanding of the value of the counties natural assets which underpin the provision of ecosystem services from which we benefit.

The majority of us are guilty of taking the natural environment and the services we derive from it for granted. In Surrey, the continued resilience of our economy is dependent on a healthy, functioning landscape. The Valuing Surrey project is helping to develop an understanding of the natural capital of Surrey and communicate this message to a wide range of organisations and individuals. We hope the project will also inform ways of working and policy in other Local Enterprise Partnerships and Local Nature Partnerships.

Surrey Nature Partnership Biodiversity Offsetting Summary June 2015

The Surrey Nature Partnership has a statutory role, through the Duty to Co-operate, in strategic planning matters in Surrey.

In cases where development is unavoidable, implementing a net gain approach for biodiversity provides a tool that may be used by Local Authorities to compensate biodiversity loss. This is where conservation activities – which will deliver a clear and measurable benefit to biodiversity – take place in compensation for damage caused by developments. This project explored the scope of adopting a net gain approach in Surrey.

As part of the evidence gathering for this work one of our Partners, Surrey Connects commissioned A Resource Balance Sheet for Surrey which can be read here A Resource Balance Sheet for Surrey_Report_FINAL_V3.


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